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About Talking Rocks

I've been an avid arrowhead hunter for many years. As arrowheads became harder to find, I started noticing a lot more the beauty of the materials they were made of. In some cases I found myself wishing that I could have, and work with, the larger pieces of stone from which the arrowheads came. Then I came across a person my wife works with whose mother used to be in the lapidary business. I was able to buy her equipment and materials, and that started me on the way of doing lapidary work.

As I cut and polished stones, I began to wonder what I was going to do with them all. Then I thought, "Well, maybe I can make some jewelry out of them." I took a class in silver-smithing and wire work and started making jewelry out of the rocks I was cutting and polishing. It's been really fulfilling to start with an unremarkable piece of rock that nobody would want to trip over let alone find and pick up. Then I bring it home and cut it and find this beautiful material inside. It's awe-inspiring, and it reminds me of what God's plan is for all of us. We're all rough on the outside, but once you get to the inner person there's beauty, and it's the same with these rocks. The rocks speak to me, and that's how I came up with the idea of Talking Rocks.

Materials Used

There is a site in Wyoming that I go to find materials. It's an old Indian site where the Indians quarried the material out of the ground for making arrowheads. It's a pit, dug about 15 feet deep, and it's probably about 10 or 20 feet across. I found the site on a cold windy day. I wanted to get out of the wind to eat my lunch, so I climbed down into a pit. Then I noticed in the bottom there was all this beautiful material. So I started collecting there and I've been doing so ever since. I really enjoy going up there and finding petrified wood, moss agate and jasper.

Though some materials are found, I also purchase materials through E-Bay. They usually have to stand out to me or I have to feel a connection to their beauty. I tend to appreciate the jaspers more than any others because they polish up so shiny and have a mirror-like finish. They are a fairly hard material so you don't have to worry about them chipping or getting scratched easily.

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